SkillsCommons Plus

Looking for a solution to help close your workforce pipeline skills gaps quickly and reliably?

SkillsCommons+ is a workforce pipeline solution that rapidly builds your capacity to develop and address your organization’s workforce needs.This innovative all-in-one technology platform delivers an engaging learning experience,enables you to organize user-friendly training materials for custom interactions between learners and experts, and assessing performance so both the students/trainees and instructors/managers get reliable metrics of skills acquisition.

  • Job-driven training materials designed to accelerate new skill development in students and employees for you to choose.
  • Reliable skills assessments that provide confidence in learner outcomes and skill performance levels.
  • Implementation strategies developed from exemplary practices of subject matter experts.

SkillsCommons+ transforms training by leveraging an 8-year, $1.9 billion investment from the U.S. Department of Labor designed to create innovative career and technical training solutions. Educational institutions and industry will immediately benefit from the collective advances and proven practices produced by more than 700 community colleges, universities, and employer groups. SkillsCommons+ is delivered via a proven, flexible learning platform and you can leverage the collective expertise developed through the implementation of hundreds of workforce development programs across a wide range of sectors.

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