We boast 20+ years of experience in offering tools and services that enable your institution to customize our proven textbook affordability program. Discover how to quickly reduce the costs of textbooks and course materials and pass those savings on to students and employees.

Implement an Affordable Learning Solutions Program at Your Institution

Is your Board or Legislators asking you how you are reducing the cost of textbooks? Are your students not able to afford their course materials and consequently not succeeding?

SkillsCommons and MERLOT can provide:

The AL$ Framework

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E. Enabling Ecosystems with policies, leadership, and business models D. Developing Demand with communications, training, and professional development C. Creating Capabilities with convenient and affordable access to content through technologies B. Building Bridges between siloed groups that need to collaborate A. Aggregating Assets Identify all the resources, organizations, and people that can be part of the solution

Is Your Campus Ready for Its Own AL$ Initiative?

MERLOT and SkillsCommons has developed a ALS Readiness Assessment  to help you plan and evaluation what you need to do to implement your AL$ initiative successfully. Review the AL$ Readiness Assessment and feel free to contact us to help you through the process at support@skillscommons.org

View real examples of customized AL$ portals that create capacities and conveniences for campus stakeholders

Cool4Ed Affordable Learning Solutions

California’s Open Online Library for Education

SkillsCommons Affordable Learning Solutions

SkillsCommons’ Affordable Learning Solutions

Suol4Ed Affordable Learning Solutions

Southern University’s AL$

Tennessee State University Affordable Learning Solutions

Tennessee State University’s AL$

Central State University Affordable Learning Solutions

Central State University’s AL$

Xaiver Affordable Learning Solutions

Xavier University’s AL$

Bleu4Ed Affordable Learning Solutions

Dillard University’s AL$

Bethuen Cookman Affordable Learning Solutions

Bethune Cookman University’s AL$

Fisk Affordable Learning Solutions

Fisk University’s AL$

JCSU Affordable Learning Solutions

Johnson C. Smith University AL$

Fort Valley Affordable Learning Solutions

Fort Valley State University AL$

HBCU Affordable Learning Solutions

HBCU Affordable Learning $olutions

Eastern Gateway Affordable Learning Solutions

Eastern Gateway AL$

Excelsior College Open Resrouces

Excelsior College Open Resources