SkillsCommons Apprenticeship Partnership Solutions

The U.S. Department of Labor’s (U.S. DOL) planned investment to expand apprenticeships through a sector-based approach specifically cites SkillsCommons as a resource as you develop your FOA-ETA-18-08 proposal strategy. This is motivated by U.S. DOL’s nearly $2B investment in the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training (TAACCCT) initiative, which includes the SkillsCommons online repository that hosts educational and program support materials produced by TAACCCT grantees. The SkillsCommons Team, housed in the California State University system, developed and hosts SkillsCommons and would like to partner with prospective bidders and lend our considerable expertise and capacity in the field of Open Educational Resources (OER).

Advantages of Having SkillsCommons as Your Apprenticeship Solutions Partner:

Customized H1B Industry
Specific Portal

H1B Industry Specific Portal

SkillsCommons can design, deliver, and sustain a customized portal of H1B-Industry Specific OPEN Educational Resources (OER)

H1B Industry Specific Portal

Quality Assurance
Implementation Support

Quality Assurance Support

Skillscommons can support your design and implementation of quality assurance processes that can scale across the region, state, and nation.

Quality Assurance Support

Access to Our Technology
Partner Network

Tech Partnerships

SkillsCommons’ technology partner network provides a “preferred provider” status for technology companies that have experience rebranding, customizing, and revising OER program and instructional materials.

Tech Partnership Networks

But Wait, There’s More!

Draw upon the SkillsCommons Team’s experience, capacity, and system connections to improve your program design, accelerate your project implementation and gain access to industry experts. The experienced SkillsCommons Management Team, which includes the SkillsCommons Ambassador Network, has established a nationwide technical assistance infrastructure supporting over 700 TAACCCT community colleges.

Training and Technical Assistance

SkillsCommons will provide training and technical assistance to ensure that your project, with all its partners and staff, accelerates the start-up process and achieves the goals of your project.

Matching Fund Requirement Resources

Partnering with SkillsCommons will also provide access to resources and services that satisfy the Matching Funds Requirement and include “Leveraged Resources” from the TAACCCT program to strengthen your proposal.

Experience and Connections

Gain from our experience which includes:

  • program design and implementation services,
  • program assessment tools,
  • quality assurance processes,
  • accessibility evaluation processes,
  • partnership development and management processes,
  • grants management processes
  • customized problem-solving strategic sessions
  • accelerated onboarding of industry experts as new classroom instructors/trainers
  • storytelling services that compliment formal reporting
  • guidance formatting and packaging content for ease of adoption and delivery to learning management systems
  • guidance on content “makeovers”, where material is modified to improve student engagement, accessibility, or otherwise

Give Your Proposal a Competitive Edge – Include SkillsCommons as a Proposal Partner and

Leverage the $1.9 Billion U.S. DOL TAACCCT Investment