Project Description:

OER Learning Object Repository

The CCCS Learning Object Repository, LOR, is the home of academic materials, multidisciplinary student success tools, and employee resources created by staff of the 13 Colorado community system colleges. SkillsCommons created this system-specific OER repository for the Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline) System allowing Colorado’s community college faculty to build their own collection of OER that is easily shared across the state between the system’s colleges.


CCCS Learning Object Repository

Academic Challenge:

With 13 colleges system-wide, CCCOnline needed to grow, store, and organize OER designed and revised by faculty and staff for easy discovery and use across the state of Colorado.

SkillsCommons Solution:

SkillsCommons created the LOR to be a collection of Open Educational Resources and Instructor Spotlights where system faculty can upload either individually or in batch format. CCCOnline system users can get help uploading, planning, and implementing OER strategies.

By partnering with SkillsCommons, the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) was able to fulfill its goal of creating a learning object repository that was reliable, low cost, easy to maintain, and flexible enough to catalog materials in multiple disciplines and store multiple technology formats. The CCCS LOR addresses the need to enhance students’ educational experience by sharing best practices, resources, learning materials, and learning activities among the system colleges.

Julie Ouska, CIO and Vice Chancellor of IT
Colorado Community College System