Project Description:

Customized OER Portals

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA) has partnered with SkillsCommons to create a Portal that leads to high-quality FREE and OPEN training resources for its members. Ohio manufacturers and their workforce partners seamlessly move from OMA’s site into a hand-selected, curated collection on SkillsCommons. This partnership with SkillsCommons supports OMA’s mission to protect and grow the Ohio manufacturing sector by offering its members quality, open training and educational materials.


The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association OER Portal

Industry Challenge:

There is no more pressing issue among Ohio advanced manufacturers than recruiting, retaining, and training workers for short-term success and long-term sustainability. Cost effective and reliable workforce pipeline development is a must for a heathy profit margin and sustainability.

SkillsCommons Solution:

Offering easy access to curated, open training materials in high profile occupation areas such as welding, machining, and industrial maintenance, the OMA SkillsCommons Portal provides Ohio’s manufacturing industry association a leading edge for real workforce development solutions.

SkillsCommons has curated and organized the most comprehensive collection of free and open training resources for manufacturers available anywhere. It’s our aim that manufacturers – and their workforce partners – access the training resources that not only solve specific, immediate training gaps, but that provide a comprehensive curriculum in support of their short- and long-term success.

Eric Burkland, President
The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association